Wednesday, July 19, 2006

stuff to look at

here's some stuff to look at.

three cool movies i've watched recently:

fahrenheit 451 is an old 1966 sci-fi - with lots of crazy goings-on, all about a society in which it is illegal to read books. saints and soldiers is about a group of american soldiers and one brit who find themselves behind enemy lines after germans massacre a group of unarmed pows - fascinating look at human nature. and syriana is all about american corruption in its oil dealings, full-on and beautifully made.

here's something else to feast yer eyes on - the website of our (incredibly) talented friend michelle (shelby) hyslop. not yet 21 - what will happen?

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Megan said...

I live in America and I'm not patriotic :). I agree with you completly on the lies. Can't blame other countries for getting mad at us.
It get's disturbing when you hear of how America would like to conform people not only to consumerism but capitalism.
It's horrible where I live people need a shopping strip every few miles.
Free speech t.v has some intoresting things on our corrupt selfish government.
I can't stand President Bush at all.