Saturday, September 23, 2006


last night i headed out with some mates to play pool. here are some pictures of us jumping...





earlier on in the evening, lance, matt and i had placed second in our church youth talent scan using sock puppets to lip-sync to the mxpx version of keith green's 'you put this love in my heart'.

on the headphones: 'check the meaning' by richard ashcroft, from the album 'human conditions'.


5OLID said...

great photo's

Anonymous Mike said...

Isn't entering youth anything pushing it a bit??

andrew killick said...

yes, thank you for noticing that anonymous mike. i did think about mentioning that some might find that a little strange. i still find i have more in common with the 'youth' at church than the more mature circles. other than that, when the opportunity arises to present a sock puppet performance, it really cannot be missed - no matter what the intended demographic of that event is. it's also worth noting, anonymous mike, that some of us are still in our 20s (just).

Megan said...

Floating pictures are great!
Or jumping.