Monday, April 09, 2007


and now, for your viewing pleasure, you can head over to youtube, and watch some amazing b-grade (c-grade? d-grade?) footage from a film i had a hand in back in 2000.

the film ('bytemare') was directed by my mate john butterworth, and i think my initial roles on the production were: "director's assistant" and "cinemagraphic advisor"(?!) - however i'm not sure what i am listed as officially. in the end i was only present for about half the filming because i took off to the uk for seven weeks.

the amazing thing about bytemare was that it was shot in 2000/2001 and has been in post-production ever since. but word on the street is that it will be released one day.

i would tell you what the film is about, but maybe john b is still guarding that secret, so i won't.

there are three clips on youtube: a behind the scenes (in which i make a brief appearance), a trailer, and montage thingee.

enough talk! go here for the clips.

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