Thursday, July 19, 2007

hot milk

our friends roly and lisa ebbing (lisa in particular) found themselves in the spot light this week. lisa has an innovative range of maternity underwear that is designed to look good, under the brand name 'hot milk'. anyway they got accused by someone of using soft-porn to market their product (see the article from the sunday star times here). lisa and her business partner ange appeared on campbell live on wednesday. see video etc of 'hot milk' on the tv3 website... entertaining. meanwhile you can be the judge by visiting their site.

speaking of roly - his photography graces the front cover of
uno magazine. actually he's been quite a busy boy because in a couple of weeks he and i are doing a photoshoot for the album cover of jamie strange's forthcoming album.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I totally wore that when I was nice to have something hot to wear when you feel HUGE!!

Joybells said...
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