Monday, January 04, 2010

little house

a few months ago i posted a video of a location from an art project i was working on involving photographing a paper model house in various place. ages later, thanks to being on holiday, i've been able to do some post-production work on the photos, and so here are a couple of them. some bare-bones info about the project:

- create a model based on our house
- take it to various locations
- photograph it
- part of the 'safe little world' concept
- conceptually something to do with transplanting and juxtaposing the safe little worlds we create with perhaps 'hostile' environments

two of the images (ruapehu and turangi):

on the headphones: 'lisztomania' by phoenix.


Jonathan Nalder said...

more, please. Any wider shots? (more landscape, smaller, more alone house)

andrew killick said...

no, all the shots are fairly tight - i wanted to create a bit of an illusion of scale, and the wider shots broke the illusion.