Tuesday, April 12, 2011

serendipitous random song list poems

a lot of the time i listen to my music randomised across a pretty big music library. every so often, i'll notice a combination of song titles has formed a rather cunning little poem (henceforth established as a new genre under the designation: 'shuffle poems')... here are some that my music library and media player have created over the last few months:

Spies Spies Spies
Groovin' with Jesus
Lord Lord Lord
Don't let it pass

[artists: the naked and famous, the violinaires, kanye west, junip]

I can't sleep
Out here in the cold
I'm Jimmy Carter

[artists: frakkur, gotye, vancouver sound]

Hold you close
Asleep in perfection
The ghosts you draw on my back
O Death

[artists: stereobus, augie march, múm, ralph stanley]

How to be a Werewolf

Bright little things
I have the moon, you have the internet

[artists: mogwai, starflyer 59, funki porcini, the fields]

bonus material! this random playlist pairing: 'ball of confusion' by the temptations, followed by 'sphere of no form' by biosphere.


artful said...

Ha! very nice, Mr. Killick! although I have a reflex reaction which is a little suspicious of the whole ideaa of a found poem, leaning more in a constructivist direction (if that is a word - I know it's a word, I just mean in the sense of nailing the pieces together yourself, sanding down the edges, etc.). Do you have a defense for the legitimacy of your chosen form on this occasion? perhaps you feel you don't need one... as you are perhaps already aware, Elliot said that poets were poor interpretors of their own work (or words to that effect).

andrew killick said...

no i don't have much of a defense. they do, however, bring another layer to the enjoyment of the musical artform and how i absorb it. the titles of paintings and music are an interesting study from a text point of view. i always remember our vanished friend eric mould telling me about how he got into writing poetry because he found the process of coming up with titles for his paintings more interesting than painting.

Andrew Baird said...

Great poems Andrew, love it!