Monday, July 21, 2008

20,000 tracks under the sea

i've blogged before about the inane sense of enjoyment i get from watching as the music i'm listening to on my computer appears on my page.

that enjoyment doesn't seem to have waned in the over two years. so you can imagine my excitement (perhaps) when this morning i hit 20,000 tracks played since joining in may 2006. that's a fair bit of music listened to (an average of about 25 tracks a day).

my milestone roughly coincides with a redesign that have just launched. i'm getting used to it but i feel like it is less destinctive now and more like facebook. the functionality is pretty good - an improvement i think.

anyway, here's a souvenir of the moment i accomplished the 20,000 mark (click to enlarge or download it as your desktop wallpaper!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Anna, my wife, has just launched a blog about her designer jewellery line... check it: