Saturday, November 26, 2005


i managed to motivate myself to create a page two for my online gallery. glad i did because i think it looks right nice - go have a squizz. it is a bit more coherent than page one, because page one was a bit of a mishmash that i put together quite quickly under the pressure of needing to get the website done in the first place.

also new on the website, as i said before, are a couple real nice new links, so check those out too.

good on you.

on the stereo: 'dirty harry' by the gorillaz, from the album 'demon days'.

nothing happening (much)

sales of the book are still ticking along. in fact this week i started making tentative enquiries about getting a few more copies printed. in publishing there is a fine balancing act that happens when stock starts to get low - you want stock on hand in case of significant orders but you don't want to end up with too many copies. tomorrow the pastor at church has promised to promote the book from the front - so i guess that will lead to more sales... i've sent a couple of review copies to the states too. hopefully if i need more copies i will be able to get them before christmas.

added a couple of fantastic new links to the links page of my website - check them out.

i might add some new images to the gallery too today (maybe). also stand by for a new blog that i have in the pipeline.

ps. have you noticed that that picture of me to the right looks like i have one eyebrow raised a la the rock?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

business as usual

things have settled down considerably since the craziness of the last two weeks getting everything ready.

an interview with me apparently went to air on rhema today at 3.10. i went to auckland last week and i also had an interview with the challenge weekly newspaper. that will run in the next two weeks.

sales of the book have gone pretty well and i don't have all that many books left. so if you want one you best get on over to and get ordering.

meanwhile, you can also check out the blog of my poetry colleague mr mark laurent (musician and poet).

on the stereo: 'people in the city' by air, from the album '10,000Hz Legend'.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

big announcements!

it gives me great pleasure to finally be able to announce, after all this time, that 'Epilogue' is now available online at which is also my subtle way of saying that the website is up and running as of this evening too. so get there!!!

i reckon everything has turned out pretty cool on the website and there's more on there than just the poetry book, so take a look around.

finally i can have a bit of a rest - it has all been a right mission in some ways. although, on friday i'm heading up to auckland to deliver stock of the books to the distributors and do a radio interview about the book (radio rhema at 4.10pm on friday).

i'll let you know how things go.

on the stereo: 'mr shakes' by sola rosa, from the album 'solarized'.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

big progress

the books arrived back from the printers yesterday. they are looking real good. they're sitting in the box here just itching to be released.

so i worked until 1.30am this morning on the website so that everything is ready to go when the books go out next week.

the next time you read a post here everything will be go - books available and website live. stay tuned.

on the headphones: 'if you tolerate this' by the manic street preachers, from the album 'this is my truth tell me yours'.

ps. full marks to zenith print in new plymouth for their printing work on my book.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

mail scripts....

well, i couldn't quite get the script i mentioned below to work on my site and, after much emailing and online chatting (i must say the guys who wrote the script were excellent), i found a nice little script that was very easy to set up and seems to be pretty spam safe. i got it from here. in the end most of my problems came down to the fact that there are more scripts available for linux servers than windows ones. i'm on a windows one.

but the up-shot of it all is that i now have an email form on the web and ready to receive emails. if you want to email me go
here. or use the link on the right-hand side of this blog.

on the stereo: 'seven nation army' by the white stripes, from the album 'elephant'.

Friday, November 04, 2005

fun with websites...

progress is being made on all fronts. the book is underway printing i am told, so i should have it next week - these things always end up taking longer.

the company i work for - castle publishing - will be co-distributing the book, which is good for getting it into the bookshops. doing quick maths in my head - i will probably need a reprint quite quickly - possibly even before christmas (i am doing a limited number to make sure i don't end up with boxes in the garage).

i spent five hours working on one image for the frontpage interface of the website a couple of nights ago. looks great and i'm very pleased with it.

then i got diverted trying to work out how to have an email form on the site. got caught up in the intricacies of working with cgi script and stuff. i found a nice little free cgi email script (
here) and am on a crash course on how to get this stuff to work - this is my first experience with it. anyway, i thought i had it all sweet but in testing tonight it wasn't working, so i have emailed a guru to see what i need to do. hopefully nothing too major.

that's the sum. nothing on the headphones tonight because my head is hurting a bit.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

first fruits of the website

so i'm doing a kind of graphical interface for my website. the frontpage will have a collage scene and clicking on each of the objects will take you to different parts of the site.

this is a picture out of the collage that i drew a couple of nights ago. it will take you to this blog - or maybe the links page. not 100% sure yet, but probably the blog.

the computer is some sort of old 80s 'radio shack' thing. i went hunting for images on the web.

on the headphones: 'superstylin' by groove armada, from the album 'goodbye country'.


today i got a proof of my book in the mail. and i have to say i quite like it. i was pleased because if i saw it in the bookshop i'd buy it.

there were a couple of tweekages needed - i'm getting a heavier stock for the cover (250gsm instead of 200gsm) so that will make it right nice.

the printers are busy and are talking about not having it finished until next week or so. not much to be done about it - but hopefully i'll have it a little earlier than that.

i commenced work on my website... i'll chuck another post up shortly with a little pic off the frontpage that i did a couple of nights ago.

on the headphones: 'i belong to june' by brahm, from the album 'curves'.