Friday, December 31, 2010

music 2010

So here's a summary of my listening in 2010. First up, my most-listened-to artists for the year. Because 7 out of 8 of these artists released new albums this year, this list also kind of serves as my best albums of 2010 list as well (though there were other great albums too - 2010 was actually an extremely good year for music)...

1. Massive Attack (unsurprising as they're my favourite every year - 2010 saw the release of their new album 'Heligoland' and a live appearance in NZ), 2. Gorillaz (in 2010 released 'Plastic Beach' and toured NZ), 3. Mux Mool (quirky mashed up electronic, in 2010 released 'Skulltaste'), 4. Radiohead (nothing new from them in 2010), 5. Bonobo (downbeat electronic, always a favourite of mine, this year released 'Black Sands'), 6. Arcade Fire (this year released 'The Suburbs'), 7. Caribou (canadian electronic, this year released 'Swim'), 8. Paul White (mashed-up, sample based electronic, this year released 'Paul White and the Purple Brain').

and now, my most-played-tracks:

1. Gorillaz – Rhinestone Eyes
2. The Naked and Famous – Young Blood
2. Glass Vaults – New Space
4. The xx – Intro
4. Massive Attack – Atlas Air
4. Gorillaz – Stylo (Feat. Mos Def And Bobby Womack)
7. Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie
7. Massive Attack – Girl I Love You
7. Glass Vaults – Forget Me Not
10. Mumford & Sons – Awake My Soul

Gorillaz, twice, 'Rhinestone Eyes' is awesome and 'Stylo' was the lead-single featuring Mos Def - yeah! The Naked and Famous - NZ music done extremely well. Glass Vaults, twice, released an EP that is outstanding - more NZ music. The whole XX album is great, the intro track is super moody. Massive Attack - are geniuses - two tracks from them on the list, both from their new album. Musical Youth, 'Pass the Dutchie' - what can I say - this year I rediscovered one of my favourite songs from when I was 5 - thanks to the superb NZ film 'Boy'. And Mumford & Sons - these guys are stormin'.

Happy new year!