Wednesday, February 01, 2006

group poem

as promised, here is a group poem that joy, anna and i did the other night - a nice process where you write two lines each and then fold the paper over so the next person can only see your second line. you end up with some pretty cool juxtapositions...

Poem 240106.1 (joy, anna and andrew)

Beautiful, big, round eyes
but it’s what’s in them that makes them so
vulnerable to words that we said when we were less wise
and before time taught us to guard our thoughts
and mind our tongues
and partake of soap mouth wash.
Maybe you could even try
Just being nice to her, having a decent conversation?
making synapses spark and flicker
electrical pulses that carry signals full of meaning
discarded and disregarded then slowly taken up again
as the realisation grows that they are essential to
his survival, as essential as his
need to breathe.
The air seems clearer somehow at this altitude
and we can see for mile as we circle
what once was prey
but now is our salvation.
Now we will be redeemed
now we can look each other in the eye and say what we
really mean
what you really mean to me
and what it means to be alive and real
to grow and feel
to shed sorrow
and heal.

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