Saturday, March 04, 2006

interview! innovations!

well now, the next time you visit my website, you will see (especially if you use mozilla firefox) a tiny little picture of me in the address bar of your browser (known as a 'favicon')! tremendous!

also if you save my website in your 'favourites' list, that little picture will appear in your favourites menu beside my website name. wow! if you want to know how to do this on your own website, go here (i used a little program called 'iconomaker' rather than their online ico maker).

AND, as if that wasn't exciting enough by itself, here's an added bonus for you. below is a link to an mp3 audio file of an interview of me by rob holding, originally broadcast on radio rhema before christmas.

you can either left click the link below and listen to the interview in your browser window, or if you right click and do 'save as...' you can download the interview so that you can listen to it again and again at your leisure. either way, the file is about 1.2 meg so is rather easy to download.

interview of andrew here

on the headphones: the interview of course...

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