Saturday, April 01, 2006

projects, concerts and innovations

another long delay between posts. so what's new?

well, for a start you can now subscribe to a news feed from this blog - meaning that whenever i update you will get the new content sent to you. you can subscribe to this (free) by clicking here or on the link to the right. i also have a subscription service for my reviews blog, intraspace. subscribe to that one here or by visiting intraspace.

speaking of intraspace, there is a new review on there - a review of the book 'bono on bono'. well worth checking out.

in my creative world, i am working on a project to help me better visualise my aesthetic approach, and to see some of my artwork functioning away from the computer screen (ie on the wall). at the moment i am using quite a few different visual styles. there is a common thread in that they tend towards 'pop art' but in some cases they are in very different areas stylisitically. so, i'm in the process of turning some of the pieces (including some of my photography) into A6 pictures (partly also in preparation for my postcard project) printed on card. once i have a few of these printed out, i'm going to crop them and then put them together with photo clips to create a montage which will then hang on our lounge wall. i've always seen my visual work in terms of groups of images displayed close together, so apart from this being a learning experience it will also help me realise that aim. the process has already helped to stimulate my creativity and last weekend i made four brandnew pieces as well as polishing some existing ones. the finished montage will evolve and grow as i create and print out new pieces. i'll post a pic of the montage when it is ready to go.

in other news, rob and i went to the bic runga concert at tauranga's holy trinity church. the whole thing was brilliant. she played a lot of her new material which is very atmospheric. her band included neil finn, shayne carter (dimmer) and anika moa plus the guitarist from pluto (tim arnold). they were supported by flight of the concordes, a brilliantly funny musical duo (sold out concerts at the edinburgh fringe festival etc). i don't normally go in for joke music but these guys are great. if you get the chance to see bic or flight of the concordes then get to it.

on the headphones: 'lsd partie' by roland vincent, from the 'ocean's twelve' soundtrack.

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