Friday, April 21, 2006

stuff all crammed together

hello. after another hiatus in posting, i have again accumulated probably more info than you'd normally squeeze into one post.

pt 1: we've just had the easter jazz festival here in tauranga. my father came down and we caught a couple of great concerts. firstly, the nathan haines show, and then a tribute to miles davis with some of the best jazz musicians in nz. some brilliant virtuoso playing all round.

pt 2: my mate malcolm dunn is working on an ep under name 'colm', and you can check out the post-rock niceness at his myspace site.

pt 3: i've completed my art project - a6 cards of my work, printed and cropped and then arranged into a montage with fotoclips that now hangs in our lounge. the cards are starting to curl and i don't suppose that will stop - i really needed to add more clips, but for now i am telling myself that the slight curling is part of the appeal of the medium. i've taken a somewhat nasty picture of the montage with my cheapo digital camera and you can see it by clicking here.

pt 4: don't forget that if you're so inclined you can subscribe to this blog over there on the righthand column, and get newsfeeds as i post new stuff.

pt 5: i'll be putting two new book reviews and maybe a film review on intraspace very soon.

pt 6: the film 'noi the albino' is great.

pt 7: next week i'm off to the noise conference in auckland. last year this was brilliant - a two-day conference for musicians with a little thrown in for creatives in general. inspirational and exciting, it's the main thing i've been looking forward to so far this year. stand by for a report on that in a couple of weeks.

on the headphones: 'could you be loved?' by bob marley, from the album 'legend'.

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Jonathan Nalder said...

Hey dude - of course I regularly check for new posts. noi! yay - I've had it on my ipod for a few months and yeah, really love it. Good choice. Your cards look good mate - very nice to see - amd don't they work well as a set?keep it up, J