Saturday, May 06, 2006


i read a couple of the print editions of the artisan journal this week. very cool. artisan is christian arts/media organisation in the uk with networking into ny and la.

having been impressed with how cool their journal is (read the copies cover to cover) i visited their website which turns out to be a great resource.

anyway, as an offshoot of that, i found this quote in an article on their website by makoto fujimura, artist and founder of IAM:

"In art we create and imagine our belongingness. We are, in this sense, creating a home for our imaginations to inhabit. What kind of a home is it? Is it inviting? Is it haunted? Is it a loft in a city or a farmhouse? Or is it a home far away, a home that we can only long for?"

i love this quote, and think it is spot-on for me and my 'safe little world' concept, which celebrates the safety of an imaginery/real world, (sub)urban homes (or homes set up against the wilderness) but also questions the safety of it. so there we are.

on the headphones: 'j connais mon role' by mc solaar, from the album 'mach 6'.


Anonymous said...

what eva. How come you dont mention God in your profile and I thought the bible or part thereof may have made up part of favourite book list. best of luck serving two masters it can get a bit tricky. laters bro

andrew killick said...

wow, i really wish that critical comment-leavers wouldn't publish annonymously - it is incredibly gutless. laters.

anonymous mike said...

Andrew, you also didn't mention that you liked spaghetti, which I KNOW YOU DO - do you have something to hide?

andrew killick said...

whoa, steady on there anonymous mike - the people out there don't need me to blab about liking spaghetti. it doesn't take a genius to see i like spagetti, so let's just leave it at that ok?

Megan said...

I like those what if questions. Would you live in this or that?
Makes a writer think.