Saturday, May 20, 2006

great music question survey results!

well now, i had a great response to the music question. this was the question: "if you had to choose the musical works of just one artist/band/composer and forego all others, who would it be?"

and now for the results...

1st=: Bach, the Beatles, and U2.
2nd: Miles Davis

the really interesting part is that other than those four artists/bands/composers no other nomination received more than one vote. the other nominations (in no particular order) were:

pink floyd
massive attack
linkin park
mike post
steven curtis chapman
the vineyard worship team
king david
crowded house
sarah mcloughlin
tom waits
bob marley
third eye blind
tangerine dream
bob dylan
don mcglashan
bic runga

it has to be pointed out that some people cheated a little bit and said more than one (i've included those as well). but in general, answers were pretty clear.

what i plan to do now is a weekly article on each of the nominated artists - so stay posted. feel free to leave comments below.

on the headphones: 'let's talk' by coldplay, from the album 'x & y'.


Jonathan Nalder said...

So are people your friends because they have similar tastes, or do they have similar tastes because they are friends?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who listens to classical music on a regular basis...or are some people just trying to sound clever? The Beatles and U2 I can understand:)

andrew killick said...

deep questions - i think there is enough variation to suggest that my friends don't have similar tastes, but also potentially enough evidence to suggest they do. there is certain amount of influence in what your friends listen to certainly.

andrew killick said...

believe it or not some people actually do listen to classical music without trying to be clever. i'm definitely going to check out some more of the old bach.

Anonymous said...

Out of the heart the mouth speaks or in this case the typist voted. Mark 8 v 33 to 38 check it out.

andrew killick said...

what the heck?!