Saturday, June 24, 2006

little world

i'm currently in the process of reading an excellent book called 'the christian imagination' edited by leland ryken (sounds a bit boring i know - but truly isn't). i'm always on the look-out for quotes etc that help define what i mean by my 'safe little world' concept and how that can be realised through art.

in an essay by gene edward veith jr called 'reading and writing worldviews' included in 'the christian imagination', i found this quote:

"The very act of writing involves the articulation of meanings - drawn from the author's beliefs, assumptions, and imaginative constructions - that constitute a little world, which readers, by letting the language play in their own minds as they read, can access in their own terms."

on the headphones: 'we r the omc' by omc, from the album 'in the neighbourhood' (various).

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