Wednesday, November 01, 2006

all saints day

happy all saints day! for my money, i think all saints day (nov 1) would be much cooler to celebrate than halloween. you probably already know this, but another name for all saints day is 'all hallows day' - 'hallow' meaning 'holy' - as in the lord's prayer, "hallowed be thy name". "een" is actually "e'en" - a contracted version of "even" or "evening". so "halloween" literally means the evening before all saints day. so there you have it.

in other points of interest, the latest edition of cs news - nz's main christian arts magazine - arrived today. this publication just keeps on getting better. they are doing a great job. you can download or just view the entire latest edition here.

and now for another [mildly] interesting point. i came across an excellent contemporary fine art photography blog the other day, called
Conscientious. it is really worth checking out. the photograph below by olivia beasley caught my eye. she does these fantastic photos of commercial spaces at night, but i was also struck by the detail of the space she is photographing. i don't know where this building is, but it looks like it has curtains of images as a design feature. it kind of reminded me of a giant version of my postcard montages - one day i'll exhibit on that scale!

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