Thursday, January 25, 2007


hmmm, my computer just downloaded and installed internet explorer 7.

i've been using firefox for quite a while now and it was vastly superior to the last version of explorer.

but i've been playing around with the new explorer for a few minutes and i quite like it - it seems to work quite quickly and i'm getting used to the interface - quite nice.

all this is a bit of a problem, because you're not supposed to like microsoft programs. what should i do?


andrew killick said...

i think i might have answered my own question, because i have just found two things i don't like about the new explorer. firstly, it doesn't have an inbuilt in-line spell checker - mozilla does and it is great to have. also, what is with this "ClearType". it is meant to be a replacement for anti-aliasing and is supposed to make text easy to read on lcd screens. but the longer i use it the stranger my eyes start to feel. it looks blurry to me and is especially bad on small text. i have tried to tune it, but what looks good on small text looks bad on big text. when you turn off ClearType, the type looks poo. back to mozilla - i don't need a migrane everytime i use the internet.

Jonathan Nalder said...

yeah! user experience is king. Just wait for the new apple os in June...