Saturday, February 17, 2007

album art

this image (click to see it full cd-size) is the first in a series i am doing for jamie strange's album cover... the album is coming out maybe end of this year... the artwork will have about 8 similarly themed images.

we are still playing around with the concept - but yeah. (the photo was taken at the top of mount maunganui - on slide film - scanned in on my film scanner. i did the outline figure in illustrator and then overlaid, rasterized and filled it in photoshop.)

on the headphones: 'homesick' by the finn brothers, from the album 'everyone is here'.


Jonathan Nalder said...

was that taken the day I was there? nice work.

andrew killick said...

no, this was a photoshoot we did especially for the project... i'm considering reshooting the locations though - not sure.

Jonathan Nalder said...

its totally mt M from the day I was there - my photo's almost match the light etc. I like it.