Saturday, June 06, 2015

video experiment

An experimental video I did for the LBC. I wanted to play around with the concept of a 'static' video, where the camera doesn't move for an extended period.

Originally the idea was to use this as a back drop for the live performance of the LBC piece bypass/impasse. But I used other footage for that in the end.

The video is pretty meditative ... the only real editing happens around the halfway mark.

Shot on the Kaiaua foreshore, Firth of Thames, New Zealand on a GoPro Hero2.

Experiment in static landscape video from andrew killick on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Andrew. I like it a lot. I often use similar vids but with the addition of music from other sources. This would be great in a worship event. Take care, Mark Pierson

andrew killick said...

thanks Mark - appreciate it.