Thursday, November 10, 2005

big progress

the books arrived back from the printers yesterday. they are looking real good. they're sitting in the box here just itching to be released.

so i worked until 1.30am this morning on the website so that everything is ready to go when the books go out next week.

the next time you read a post here everything will be go - books available and website live. stay tuned.

on the headphones: 'if you tolerate this' by the manic street preachers, from the album 'this is my truth tell me yours'.

ps. full marks to zenith print in new plymouth for their printing work on my book.


Ben said...

woohoo so excited. good music you listen to lad. keep rocking

Dr. Livingstone said...

OK OK, get on with it already....all these promises, and nothing for the fans!

andrew killick said...

i'm terribly sorry dr livingston - even as we speak i am working on stuff for you.