Tuesday, November 22, 2005

business as usual

things have settled down considerably since the craziness of the last two weeks getting everything ready.

an interview with me apparently went to air on rhema today at 3.10. i went to auckland last week and i also had an interview with the challenge weekly newspaper. that will run in the next two weeks.

sales of the book have gone pretty well and i don't have all that many books left. so if you want one you best get on over to www.andrewkillick.com and get ordering.

meanwhile, you can also check out the blog of my poetry colleague mr mark laurent (musician and poet).

on the stereo: 'people in the city' by air, from the album '10,000Hz Legend'. www.intairnet.org

1 comment:

Mark Laurent said...

Hi A,

Thanx for the nice link, man. Glad the book is going so well - do the reprint, as I nevert did with my first book but it turns out I could've eaily sold them over time. The main thing is to get out there and be public.

Mark(trix) L