Friday, November 04, 2005

fun with websites...

progress is being made on all fronts. the book is underway printing i am told, so i should have it next week - these things always end up taking longer.

the company i work for - castle publishing - will be co-distributing the book, which is good for getting it into the bookshops. doing quick maths in my head - i will probably need a reprint quite quickly - possibly even before christmas (i am doing a limited number to make sure i don't end up with boxes in the garage).

i spent five hours working on one image for the frontpage interface of the website a couple of nights ago. looks great and i'm very pleased with it.

then i got diverted trying to work out how to have an email form on the site. got caught up in the intricacies of working with cgi script and stuff. i found a nice little free cgi email script (
here) and am on a crash course on how to get this stuff to work - this is my first experience with it. anyway, i thought i had it all sweet but in testing tonight it wasn't working, so i have emailed a guru to see what i need to do. hopefully nothing too major.

that's the sum. nothing on the headphones tonight because my head is hurting a bit.

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