Saturday, November 05, 2005

mail scripts....

well, i couldn't quite get the script i mentioned below to work on my site and, after much emailing and online chatting (i must say the guys who wrote the script were excellent), i found a nice little script that was very easy to set up and seems to be pretty spam safe. i got it from here. in the end most of my problems came down to the fact that there are more scripts available for linux servers than windows ones. i'm on a windows one.

but the up-shot of it all is that i now have an email form on the web and ready to receive emails. if you want to email me go
here. or use the link on the right-hand side of this blog.

on the stereo: 'seven nation army' by the white stripes, from the album 'elephant'.


Ben said...

hey man thats awesome that is all coming together. cool that the printer brought you forward in the list. would have sucked if you had to wait a couple more weeks for it. someone else should post some coments. haha. anyway keep rocking. i need sleep.

carlos the jackal said...

white old rocker you : )is zenith doing the gig?

andrew killick said...

well, i wouldn't say "old rocker" myself - i thought listening to the white stripes made me a "young rocker"... but maybe i was wrong. admittedly that album isn't their latest, but even so.

indeed, the printing is being done by zenith. they have new machines since doing your book. did i ever tell you that they used your book as a difficult test case when they were getting their new machines?

carlos the jackal said...

yeah, that's cool man.

i fully recommend laminating, but you have probably researched all of that being like a publisher and everything : ) looking foward to seeing this little puppy.

p.s i still think your old ha ha