Friday, December 02, 2005

dvd design...

this is a package i did some artwork for. the whole thing was completed this week. it's a dvd/cd set promoting the first single of my mate jamie strange (songwriter).

the dvd contains a music video of the single ('i wonder') shot by roly ebbing and lisa beedham (credits include the rhian sheehan video 'sunshine'). for the video itself, i worked on the concept and then as general dog's body at the shoot.

for the final package, i designed the cover, cd/dvd faces, and dvd menus utilising the target and outline elements designed by renee blair. i also designed the jamie strange logo and the dvd includes some stills photography i did during the video shoot.

so there you go. contact me if you want to get your hands on this dvd plus five track cd package. all for NZ$15.

on the stereo: 'the will to live' by ben harper, from the album 'the will to live'.

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