Thursday, December 01, 2005


i've made a few tweeks on the website - not exactly ground-breaking, but quality-improving nonetheless.

1. i have registered and it is now an alias for, so you can type in either and be taken to my website. i like the ring of 'safe little world' and it might be a concept that i can develop further.

2. i have fixed the tab order on my contact form (to make kirk happy). you can now use the tab key to move through the form fields logically.

3. i have seen fit to give credit where credit is due and have included an 'antenna' (the software i used to create the site) logo on my about page. the logo links through to the antenna homepage.

4. i have changed it so that all links now open in a new browser window - so that you can always find your way back home to my page, no matter how many of the links you follow, and how far away you stray. that's comforting isn't it?

5. and lastly, by a stunning feat of programming excellence (thanks to the guys at antenna for their firsthand input), you can now not only click the titles of the poems on the poem page to reveal the poems but also click the title again to hide the poem again. hours of interactive fun there!

next up: i'll post the cover of the dvd/cd set that i've just done artwork stuff on for jamie strange - song-writing extraordinaire.

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