Wednesday, December 21, 2005

merry christmas

not too much happening in the art / text world of andrew killick. i'm happy with the way 'epilogue' has gone - i have just a few copies left.

in a couple of weeks i'm going to add a new 'free stuff' section to my website where i will include an mp3 download of an interview i did on rhema.

there is quite a bit of new material on intraspace - my book review blog: including a review of c.s. lewis's sci-fi book 'that hideous strength' (see, even i have tie-ins to the narnia movie).

i'm looking forward to christmas - have some down time, anna and i will visit my folks and i'm planning to take all my cameras with me. hopefully that will result in macro, double-exposure, underwater, vignetted visual madness.

so, merry christmas. have a good one.

on the headphones: what the heck is this? some kind of french folk music.

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