Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year

christmas is over, new year's eve today. anna and i had a pretty good time at christmas.

rob and i went on a quick photoshoot on christmas evening. i took my lomo and pentax and we drove along the coast near my parents' place - a fairly wilderness place on the firth of thames. the area is renowned for birdwatching, so i wanted to take some photos of the 'hides' that birdwatchers use to watch birds from. they are shacks with slit windows that you can stick your camera / binoculars through.

the day was overcast so i should get some nice somber shots. i experimented with using fill-in flash, which will theoretically render the shacks in stark relief agains a dark grey.

in the process, i finished two rolls of film that have been in my camera for a fair while. i always love developing that kind of film because there are always images you have forgotten.

hope to have some images online soon.

on the headphones: 'sunshine (feat. jess chambers)' by rhian sheehan, from the album 'tiny blue biosphere'.

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