Saturday, May 17, 2008

the man

i'm sick - i've got a head cold thing. strangely, when i've got a cold sometimes i get more creative - it's almost as if the cold creates a kind of insulation against extraneous data and my mind settles into its natural tendency (ie to make things). or something like that anyway. a similar effect is the half awake zone as you drift off to sleep. or when you get away from work and have a proper holiday - inevitably the things you love doing most come to the front of your mind.

anyway, a few days ago i was doodling and came across an interesting little character, which i refined over the last few days and practised as i watched dvds (ken burns's documentary series on jazz). today i finally drew a version that i was happy with (he's a bit random the way he comes out on paper when you draw him freehand). so i scanned him into the computer and cleaned him up.

here's the little blighter now:

he's designed to be drawn quite quickly with just a few strokes. it's amazing how much he and his brothers change their attitudes and stature as they randomly appear on the page.

this version has been put through illustrator's live trace 'inked drawing' process and then tidied up a bit.

i'm wondering if subconsciously his rather rotund little figure is influenced by louis armstrong and charlie parker.

chur little bro.

on the headphones: 'crosstown traffic' by jimi hendrix from the album 'experience hendrix'.


jnxyz said...

where are these brothers then? get them alltogether in a story! (use comic life on Anna's macbook...)

Matt & Renee said...

Hay dude, hows it going, your little dude is pritty sweet, but a little sad. oh and your cold has givin you a girly voice. i listened to this post with the link in my email.

andrew killick said...

yeah the little dude feels a little bit sad - on this particular occasion it is because the forefinger of his 1982 vintage action man broke off. not a major life-threatening event but it's a bit of a bummer. having said that, a lot people assume he's sad but it's really just because he has one of those faces. like playmobil and the original lego men - they always look happy no matter what they're doing. but they aren't really. sometimes they are, sometimes they're not. for example the pilot of the lego hospital plane i had when i was young always seemed to be smiling - even when he was flying a critically ill patient and having to land his plane on a treacherous runway in the highlands of papua new guinea. meanwhile the critically ill patient lying half dead in the back of the plane also appears to be smiling. and the crew of my playmobil pirate ship were the happiest looking bunch of pirates ever to be fired upon by the field canon of the U.S. cavalry. the man in the crow's nest appears to blissfully fall to his death on the deck below after being shot in the temple by a cartridge from an equally-joyful looking soldier. all this is to say, don't judge the man by the look on his face.

and as for my girly voice - that is tremendous that you used the robot reader - i'll have to try that sometime.