Wednesday, May 14, 2008

star wars news episode I: namby-pamby jedi cameraman

a bit about me and star wars: i was released the same year as star wars - 1977. when i say 'released' i mean 'born'. my older brothers (10 and 12 years older) were into star wars and i grew up with it.

when my brother rob went on his oe to europe he came back with a range of fantastic star wars toys for me, including a speeder bike, x-wing fighter and a laser canon. one of my friends ben was also into star wars in a big way and we had epic games with our star wars figures and vehicles. he had a millennium falcon and an at-st walker. when we got to be 11 or 12, ben went off star wars and agreed to sell me his at-st walker for $10. i'm still the proud owner of that walker - albeit slightly guilty as i know ben has regretted the transaction in later years.

needless to say, i love all the original star wars films and saw return of the jedi when it first came out at the movies (plus a couple of ewok movies but we choose not to discuss those). i am deeply ambivalent about the newer star wars movies and lay much of the blame at the feet of george lucas's poor dialogue writing abilities. the dialogue of the first three movies was saved by harrison ford.

i welcome and embrace your own comments about stars wars and your personal recollections.

and now for star wars news episode I: so in view of my star wars fascination (and i should say i'm not one of those guys who dresses up and goes to conventions - although one day i would like to own a stormtrooper helmet) i come across quite a bit of star wars ephemera on the net and most of it is just too good not to share.

in this video, two members of the 'jedi faith church' of holyhead in the uk are attacked by a drunk guy wearing a black plastic bag, wielding a crutch and yelling "darth vader!" and, in what is possibly the most namby-pamby jedi moment since luke skywalker sulked about going to town to get some power converters when his aunt and uncle wanted him to do chores, the jedi cameraman upon being hit with the crutch says, "ahh, that's really quite painful."

where i found out about this news: boingboing.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew this made me laugh so much - your blog and the video! is there actually a jedi church?? what about when he said 'here we go...infiltration' ha ha ha :)

I have to share my star wars memories with you as I also grew up watching these movies with my cousins every time we had a family gathering (either Star Wars, Grease or Dirty Dancing ha ha)

anyway...then we would all want to play Star Wars after we'd watched it. My cousin Daniel always had to be Luke and Emma (my sister) always had to be princess Leah, sadly (and to this day I still have issues) I always ended up being either R2D2 or the wookie...go ahead and laugh!

I agree with you about the new ones although revenge of the Sith was pretty this day my fav is Return of the Jedi.

thank you for this interesting blog!