Monday, May 19, 2008

star wars news episode III: stormtroopers just wanna have fun

i sent this link last week to a few friends, but it was one of the inspirations for star wars news: news from the dark nether regions of star wars fandom, so it needs to be shared.

a flickr user (one Doctor Beef) has taken to documenting the secret lives of stormtroopers. the flickr slide show is here. but here's my favourite pic [sometimes you see a photo and think, 'damn i wish i'd taken that photo' - this is one] and the Doctor Beef caption that goes with it...

The guys insisted we stop at the beach so they could see the lake, then got mad when they discovered it was frozen over and we put them out on the ice.

"We're not Snowtroopers," said TK-327.
"BRRRR" was all I could hear from TK-704.
"It was HIS idea to come out here, not mine," shouts an accusatory TK-218.
TK-315 wasn't so bothered - he'd filled his mug with hot coffee from Teolly's cuppa before we got out of the car.

this episode was brought to you in association with the quote: "you could use a good kiss" - han solo.

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