Thursday, October 06, 2005

about the title

well, i went ahead and designed a couple of alternative designs for the cover and then did some 'market research'. got a wide range of feedback, and as usual with cover designs, nobody had the same idea. i narrowed it down to two designs and have sent files to the printers to have test prints done. i suspect that the final decision will come down to how these print. i'm printing digitally - so i won't get the fine quality prints i might get from offset.

meanwhile, jonathan asked me what the title 'epilogue' was all about, and here's what i said: "an epilogue is something that is written after the fact. poetry based on experience is always that - an epilogue to the actual experience. second, at a practical level i am in a poetry writing hiatus, haven't written anything for ages, so in that sense this book is something of an epilogue - a rounding off of a particular period. from an abstract sort of spiritual point of view - the epilogue is where the action happens - heaven, eternity etc. the title essentially comes from the end of one of the poems in the book that ends: "truth like a perpetual epilogue".

hope to have a cover design up for you soon.

on the headphones as i write this: 'snowflakes (cured by temple of jay mix)' by just jack, from the album 'the outer marker'. download it for free here.

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