Friday, October 14, 2005

coming soon!

after a lot of decision making, i think i have nearly settled on the cover design. i have to say working on my own book has been much harder than working on someone else's. much more difficult to be objective - impossible to be objective actually.

i had the printers do sample prints of the cover designs and they all came out looking pretty good.

the idea now is to print out a working draft of the book itself and then read through it from start to finish. at the end of that, look at the two cover options, and which ever one fits the feeling of the book better will be it.

so, i hope to have the cover design on here in the next couple of days. i don't make things any easier on myself do i?

on the headphones: 'directions' by broadway project, from the album 'hed kandi - serve chilled 2'.

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