Saturday, October 01, 2005

cover design?

i think i just accidentally designed the cover of my poetry book. i mean, i was trying to design, but through a series of 'accidents' i ended up with something different to my original idea. but it was too easy, so before i get all crazy and post the new cover on the blog, i better go back and check my original ideas to make absolutely sure that this first attempt is in fact as cool as i think it is.

another thing that happened today, too. anna and i decided that 'epilogue' is the best title of the book. she liked the sound of that better than 'transit'. when i came to typeset the words 'transit' and 'epilogue' i found that epilogue looks a hang of a lot better in type - especially the script types i am playing with. epilogue has two descenders - 'p' and 'g' and one ascender - 'l', which help with the forward movement of the script. you'll see what i mean when i post the cover.

anyway - good progress being made. stand by.

on the stereo as i write: 'burn out' by the cinematic orchestra, from the album 'every day'.


Ben said...

hey man. this sounds really exciting cant wait to see it/read it. Keep Rocking.

Anonymous said...

such a talent, glad you're finally getting it finished so I can read it!! (and others but mainly me)

Mark Laurent said...

Hi A. Congrats on the blog, brother - they're fun, eh? I've got one called the Marktrix, but I hardly ever get around to using it (you've reminded me that I must have a look, and add something).
life is a great big string of ones and zeros.

Mark L.

artful_dodger said...

overnumerousnesses, eighteen letters long, is the longest english word that consists of only letters that lack ascenders, descenders, and dots in lower case. i copied this info from someone else's website, so who knows if it's accurate?

artful_dodger said...

lighttight and lillypilly, each ten letters long, are the longest English words consisting only of letters with ascenders, descenders, or dots in lower case. if you want ascenders and descenders, then perhaps you could consider these as possible titles?