Monday, October 24, 2005

back cover

half-way through labour weekend monday, and the inside pages and back cover are pretty much finished - barring any minor tweekage.

here's the back cover. the inside is looking quite nice indeed - managed to incorporate a concept from an alternate cover design onto the title page, so everyone's a winner.

only thing that remains now is to impose the cover for printing (chuck the front and backcover along with a spine and bleeds - bits where the image goes outside the cropping margins so that when the thing is cropped there is no chance of getting any unprinted stuff along the edge - onto to one page) once i have heard back from the printers about the spine width and what their requirements are for bleeds. i guess that will happen tomorrow... meaning that [slight feeling of nervousness here] the book will be at the printers by wednesday.

on the headphones: 'space shanty' by leftfield, from the album 'leftism'.

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