Thursday, October 20, 2005

layout progress

spent a few hours last night working on the inside of the book - exercised my brain so much that i couldn't sleep when i finally went to bed. but the good thing is that i've broken the back of the layout and it's looking nice; it's come together well.

next i will tweek the layout (based on what i've seen in the readers spreads i printed last night), work on the title page and half-title, and put together a graphic that comes at the end of the book.

then i will work on the backcover - probably won't have any words on there apart from the publisher name, my web address, and the barcode. i'm publishing the book under my imprint 'shadow press' - hopefully the first of many art/text books under that name. the backcover will feature a black and white photo of me (oh the ego) taken by my mate luke - who i've known since i was 5. the image was taken on the east coast (nz) during a road trip we did a couple of years ago.

it's labour weekend this weekend and i hope to have the book ready for the printers by the end of it. actually starting to feel quite excited about it. if i can send the book away this coming tuesday it should be ready by november 1.

i'll be working hard on my website when the book is at the printers to get things ready for my giant marketing push...

on the headphones: 'speak low (bent remix)' by billie holiday, from the album 'verve remixed vol 3'.

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