Sunday, October 30, 2005

away she goes

it's gone. on friday afternoon i emailed a 15meg pdf of the inside of my book and an 8meg pdf of the cover to the printers.

next step is a bound proof being sent back to me to check before committing to the final print run (one of the luxuries of digital printing).

if you're reading this and you want a copy of the book, it'll be available through my website i'll have a paypal system for people outside of new zealand. inside new zealand give me an email (you'll be able to do that through the website too).

next step is to get the website cranking - my next project - happening this week. meanwhile, if you want to email me for pre-ordering the book, contact me on andrew at

i'll keep you updated about when the book is available and about how the website is shaping up.

on the headphones: 'little miss cypher' by pepe deluxe, from the album 'beatitude'.

1 comment:

Ben said...

woohoo cant hardly wait. rock on man.